About dr. kraly

Dr. Jennifer H. Kraly
CEO Fettler Health LLC

Dr. Jennifer H. Kraly is the Founder and Director of Fettler Health LLC in Cleveland, OH. She specializes in the reversibility of potentially-reversible health conditions (PRHCs) including macrovascular conditions such as heart disease and peripheral artery disease; microvascular conditions such as diabetic neuropathy and diabetic retinopathy; and other health conditions including high blood pressure and overweight. She is an author and has presented internationally on the topic of the reversibility of PRHCs and related topics. Dr. Kraly is also an inventor of numerous patent-pending non-invasive PRHC reversal methods.

education and postdoctoral training

National Institutes of Health (NIH)-Funded Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine
Research Areas: Chronic disease reversal, N-of-1 research

Ph.D. Medical Sociology
Case Western Reserve University, Department of Sociology
Research Interests: Fundamental causes of disease, aging

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