Our system helps make reversing a reality. Choose the features that matter to you.

professional services

Medical Oversight

Medical Oversight Package

We create a custom Medical Oversight Plan that you take to your doctor or to a networked physician.

reversal team

Reversal Team

Your Reversal Team — including your doctor and our team of specialists — moves together with you toward the shared goal: reversal.

At Home

"At Home" Services

Home visits, Reversal Cook services, and more, all available as optional add-ons at any time.

In Network

Networked Physicians

Receive medical oversight of your progress from your doctor or from one of our networked physicians.

reversal certificate

Reversal Skills

We help you develop the skills needed to reverse your health conditions and prevent their reoccurrence.

reversal specialist

Reversal Specialists

We help you determine your plan and provide you with the services and the tools you'll need to reverse and have fun in the process.


Browser App

Browser App

Our patent-pending browser-based application makes staying on track fun and rewarding on any computer.

Effort Tracking

Effort Tracking

Earn effort points every day as you match your effort plans. With each effort point you earn, you get closer to reversing in real life.


Custom Analytics

Custom charts, graphs, and tables showcase your efforts, reveal your progress, and help you stay on track.

methodical approach

reversal system

Reversal System

Provides an experience of continuous improvement based on your preferences, abilities, and desired speed of reversal.

3 components

Three Components

Applies the Three Components
Method which has been proven to reverse a wide range of health conditions.

Right Sizing

Right Sizing

Periodically modifies your plan to perfectly fit your changing wants, needs, and circumstances.

4 Speeds


Allows you to choose your desired speed of reversal: Fastest, Fast, Slow, Slowest.

Save Time

Save Time & Effort

The Fettler Program solves a time consuming and complex problem for patients struggling to reverse their potentially reversible conditions.

multiple conditions

Multiple Conditions

Use the tools of the Fettler Program to address multiple health conditions simultaneously.

Peace of Mind

With Fettler Health, you can sleep well at night knowing that you're taking the proper steps and getting the help required to fully reverse your targeted health conditions.